Baikal Ice Kingdom

- Baikal Ice Kingdome -

19 - 25 Feb 2018

To be on the edge of reality, dive into the secrets of an ancient people, to experience a real delight, and freeze from a primitive fear – can you imagine it all in one trip?
Yes, It’s possible!
We invite you to the winter Baikal, which will meet us with the frosty air and a smell of the famous dish, smoked omul. We will see a universe of natural ice figures and unimaginable paintings from bubbles, cracks and transparent ice.
We will visit a mysterious cave on the Shamanka cliff, which instills mystical horror in the souls of the local people.
We will get acquainted with the Buryat culture and will try delicious dishes of their cuisine – Buuz and fresh Ukha.
We will make a wish near the Wishing Tree and will ride in the car right on the ice of Baikal.
We will try to learn the secrets of the Mighty Lake and will overcome the fear of mystical endless expanse of this unforgettable place.
Are you really want to miss that chance?

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water located in eastern Siberia. The lake stretches from north-east to south-west by 620 km in the form of a giant crescent. The width of the lake ranges from 24 to 79 km.
In the winter beauty of the Baikal isn’t worse than the summer, and maybe even better. When water surface of the lake covers with thick ice shell, it will be even more opportunities to see the beauty of the Baikal nature. The layers of clear dark ice one meter thick, ice caves with hanging icicles, winter Baikal bird’s-eye view — all that is waiting for you in this journey.




19 February / 26 February
We arrive on a morning flight to Irkutsk. After arriving, we directly go to Khuzhir village, located on the Olkhon Island. It’s about 300 kilometers far. After arriving at the recreation center we settle. At the sunset we will go to the famous Shaman Rock — the heart of the lake.

20 February / 27 February
After morning breakfast we have a trip by car to the islands of Maloe More, south of Khuzhir. We will see the famous ice caves, hummocks and bizarre forms of Sokuy – one of the types of ice of Lake Baikal. After shooting the sunset, we have a dinner. Then, optionally, go on a night shoot.


21 February / 28 February
Early breakfast. On this day, we go to the north to Cape Khoboy. On the way, we make stops and enjoy the unique views of the lake ice kingdom. Ice cracks webs, frozen bubbles of all shapes and sizes, blocks of blue ice, causes delight even of the most hardened of travelers! In addition, we visit the holy Buddhist stupa at Ogoy Island. After shooting the sunset, we have a hot meal and a well-deserved rest.

22 February / 1 March
That day we go to the northern part of Olkhon to the village Uzury. There begins the Big Sea water area and there we can see the biggest hummocks of Baikal. We will climb to the top of a high rock, which offers endless panorama of Baikal ice, then visit Cape Sagan and ice caves with giant icicles.


23 February / 2 March
This day is devoted to exploration of the surrounding area around Khuzhir village. After lunch, we held a lecture about photography and post-processing in graphic editors, also analyze photos taken during these days and exchange opinions. If desired, go to night shooting. Optionally, go to night shooting.


24 February / 3 March
A morning walk to the Shaman Rock and saying goodbye to Baikal Lake. After you can visit the local museum, buy souvenirs, or go to the fish factory for smoked omul. After lunch we leave to Irkutsk where we spend a night in a hotel.


25 February / 4 March
We have a morning flight to Moscow.

TOUR PRICE:      —     $

What’s Included:

  • meeting at the airport
  • transfer
  • comfortable hotels
  • meals
  • excursions according the program
  • photo guide service
  • basic education of photography (technical parameters, post-processing in graphic editors)

What’s Excluded:

  • airfare to and from Irkutsk
  • personal expenses (souvenirs, mobile communications, etc.)

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