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1 550 $

Friends! We invite adventurers who are truly passionate about travel and longing for adventure on a long-awaited expedition to Socotra island!
Incredible adventures awaits us. We will roam on jeeps over the island, swim on deserted beaches, enjoy freshness in picturesque mountain springs, explore mysterious caves and admire the giant dunes descending directly into the ocean.
All landscapes of Socotra are as if from a science fiction film! And this is not surprising at all, because two-thirds of the plants on this island are endemic and do not grow anywhere else in the world. The crazy beauty of a completely unfamiliar nature captivates forever. Endless beaches give way to limestone plateaus, turning into caves and mountains. And most importantly, Socotra is one of the few places in the world that is absolutely not spoiled by globalization and mass tourism.
If you are used to spending holidays in fashionable hotels using the all-inclusive food system and evening animation, this place is not for you. Only true adventurers and lovers of a unique nature will be able to appreciate all the charms of Socotra.
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Day 1
Start of the expedition. Group meeting at Cairo airport. Our team will have a night flight to Socotra.

Day 2
In the morning we arrive in the capital of the island — the city of Hadibo, here we will be met by an individual transfer — expeditionary jeeps, on which we will travel around Socotra. Acquaintance with the island will begin in Hadibo, and after lunch we will go to the western part — to the famous Kalancia beach and the Detwah lagoon where we will enjoy white sand beach, turquoise water and plenty of marine life. Here you can find various fish, including ball fish, moray eels, stingrays, as well as crabs, squids, lobsters, sea cucumbers, pearl shells, mussels, oysters. While we swim and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, our caring guides will catch the freshest seafood for us and cook them at the stake. For lovers of marine delicacies — this is a real delicacy!
We will spend the night at Detwah Camping.


Day 3
Early in the morning, after breakfast, we will go to the wild Shu’ab beach. Along the way, we will admire stunning views of the cliffs and wild beaches, and if we are lucky, we will be able to observe flocks of dolphins and unique birds that are found only in these places. Here we can snorkeling and relax on a deserted beach. After the afternoon we return to Detwah. Overnight stay at the campsite.

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Day 4
In the morning after breakfast we will head to the Diksam and Shebahon plateaus. A fabulous place on the highlands where forests of dragon trees grow — unique endemic of Socotra, which has become its hallmark. By the way, the dragon tree is even depicted on one of the coins of Yemen.
There is an old Indian legend which says that a long time ago on the island of Socotra, there lived a bloodthirsty dragon, who attacked elephants and drank their blood. But once an old and strong elephant fell on a dragon and crushed him. Their blood mixed and moistened the earth around. At this place, trees, called dracenes, grew, which means «female dragon.» When an incision is made in the trunk, a red tar sap called Dragon Blood emerges. After collecting, the resin is ground and used to treat skin and eye diseases, as a disinfectant and blood-stopping agent. Also it is used as a dye.
Trees reach 5-7 meters in height, but their age is very difficult to determine, since they do not form annual rings. Having plenty of walking and enjoying the endemic landscapes, our team will go to Omak beach, where we will spend the night at the campsite.

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Day 5
In the morning we will go to the sand dunes of Hayf and Zahek. They appeared due to the invariable season of winds on the island, and are picturesquely located between the mountains and the Indian Ocean. Here we will spend the first half of the day enjoying amazing views and shooting wonderful landscapes. Climbing one of the dunes, you can run along the soft sandy ridge of the dune or run down, drowning in fine sand. Then we will visit the Dagub pirate cave. After lunch we will drive to Archer Beach and spend the night at the campsite.

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сокотра фото

Day 6
In the morning we will go on a trek to the Hoq cave — one of the largest caves on the island, overgrown with giant stalactites. In the afternoon we drive to Di Hamri beach, which is undoubtedly the best place for diving and snorkeling on the whole island. Corals, tropical fish, sea turtles and other representatives of the underwater world will accompany us throughout the sea adventure. We will spend the night at the equipped camping.

Day 7
We will return to the northern part of the island and go to the Homhile plateau. It is interesting primarily for the combination of various types of trees growing in one place. To get here, we have to overcome a steep mountain serpentine. But when we reach a plateau we will have a bewitching view. A turquoise natural pool filled with fresh water and a stunning view of the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea won’t leave anyone indifferent! After enjoying the coolness of a fresh lake, we will continue our journey and go on a track along the canyon Wadi al Shiifa. Overnight stay at Homhile Camping.

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Day 8
On this day we will go to the Wadi Ayhaft gorge — one of Socotra’s greenest places. It is also called the island’s botanical garden due to the wide variety of rare plants surrounded by numerous streams and ponds. After lunch, we will move to the rocky Delisha beach. We will spend the night at the Hadibo Hotel.

Day 9
With the sadness of leaving this amazing island and a huge baggage of unforgettable impressions, we will go to the airport for an early flight to Cairo. Arrival at the airport at 14:45 p.m.
The end of the tour.


PRICE       —   1550 $ 
DEPOSIT    —   700 $

What’s included:

  • visa application in Yemen
  • 4WD jeeps along the route
  • driver services / gasoline
  • camping and hotel accommodation (double occupancy)
  • full nutrition / drinking water
  • services of local guides
  • fees for visiting national parks

Not included:

  • tickets to Cairo
  • tickets Cairo — Sokotra — Cairo
  • tips for drivers / guides
  • personal expenses (souvenirs, mobile communications, etc.)


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